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Always keep earnest and positive attitude towards the customer’s needs. 

Higol confident able to provide best Spin Class Bikes, gym cardio bike, indoor cycle for
our customers. It’s available and welcome to create customized OEM /ODM products.

Our spin bikes, indoor cycle bikes can be combined with the smart device , Bluetooth
transmission APP for data recording, which can make training and fitness smarter
and more efficient, and achieve the best exercise and training results.

HIGOL expected to become a full range of spin bikes, commercial gym equipment,
commercial fitness equipment manufacturers.
Belt Device

Model : OB32A

Magnetic brake resistance

Model : EM-81A

Magnetic Brake system

Model : KM-81A

Magnetic Resistance Bike

Model : HOM-92A

Magnetic Resistance Bike

Model : RM-01WR

Magnetic Resistance Bike

Model : EM-91